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"The Adventures of Little Scottie" is a new web comic that chronicles the life and times of Little Scottie, "a young boy with poor luck," said SWP Creative Director Todd Pickrell, the comic's co-creator and illustrator. "He's a kid that grew up too fast, doesn't really know how to deal with adult issues but is somehow involved in them."

Based on SWP Executive Producer Scott Winer, the character of Little Scottie has the body of a child and the facial features of an adult. "It's kind of ridiculous and that whole element adds humor to it, but I think with it being a little kid, we'll be able to make light of issues that would otherwise come off as more serious," said Pickrell. "I don't think it will be totally based on Scott. He'll be an inspiration for it, but it's not going to be his life."

"There's definitely a striking resemblance that I think is funny, but it's really about exploring a new medium for us," said Winer, "Little Scottie" co-creator. "I'm happy to sacrifice my name and likeness for the cause."

"Little Scottie" is SWP's first owned and operated venture produced solely for the web. "We're always trying to reach new audiences by expanding the kinds of content we create," Winer said. "This is yet another step toward that goal."

Pickrell, who oversees SWP Creative, the division of Scott Winer Productions responsible for web design and content delivery, believes that this platform provides an opportunity to reach a lot of people in an open market.

"A web comic is a format that a wide variety of people can experience," he said. "There's no sort of jury deciding what gets put out there. It's something anyone can decide to start up, but I'd like for 'Little Scottie' to be more sophisticated than the average web comic. It's not going to be for someone that's looking for obvious humor. "

"The Adventures of Little Scottie" is a presentation of Scott Winer Productions. Scott Winer is Executive Producer, Scott Winer Productions. Rowdy Wichman is Supervising Producer.

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