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Little Scottie #95 / Sandra B. (4/14/10)

Little Scottie doesn't feel sorry for Sandra Bullock.
Little Scottie doesn't feel sorry for Sandra Bullock.
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Wed, Apr 14, 2010 - UDK, Page 4A
Sandra Bullock seems to have turned into a Hollywood darling overnight. First, she wins an Oscar for The Blind Side. Then, her husband's infidelities with a less than wholesome creature take center stage. (Seriously, the guy makes Tiger Woods look like a compassionate family man.) But a quick look at some of the horrific movies she's made suggests the woman isn't the best judge of character, in every sense of the word.

I haven't seen The Blind Side yet, so I can't speak to that specific performance or whether she deserved an Oscar out of it. But I also know that some movies you simply don't have to see to know they look terrible, such as the sequels she's done to Speed and Miss Congeniality or her reunion with Keanu Reeves in The Lake House.

And, yes, I did see Premonition. I saw it in a theater, in fact. I even own a used copy of it that I've watched once, which was enough to remind me why it was terrible.

Quite simply, is Sandra Bullock a bad person? No. Does she deserve everything that's happening to her? No. But does her body of work warrant the kind of high praise she has received in the time since the Oscars? Hardly.

She's an okay actress who's performances typically rank somewhere between mediocre and good. Could I do better? No, but I'm not claiming to be an actor.
Scott A. Winer / Writer, Little Scottie

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