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Little Scottie #98 / Sex Sells (4/21/10)

Could a sex toy inspire college students to stay in school?
Could a sex toy inspire college students to stay in school?
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Wed, Apr 21, 2010 - UDK, Page 8A
How did I come up with this one? For one thing, I did actually take the famed Human Sexuality course at The University of Kansas, of which there are several taught in different departments. Mine was in Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences, part of the School of Education.

Needless to say, not all graduate teaching assistants are created equal. Some are unconventional while others are fairly uninformed. Either way, I certainly feel for any grad student who is relegated to trying to "teach" college kids – in my class, we had a couple of NFL draft hopefuls – about sex.

In the spirit of steering clear of NSFW content, if you don't know what a Fleshlight is, I suggest the NSFW Wikipedia entry. Why NSFW? Well, there's a prominently placed photo of all the variations of the Fleshlight at the top of the page.

While I can honestly say that I've never encountered such a device, they have become a staple of online lore. Like the blowup doll, you may never own one or use one, but you probably know what it is and what it does.

Just to clarify, I'm not suggesting that my GTA has ever presented a Fleshlight to a Human Sexuality class or that any of them ever would. As for the incidental discussion of student retention, that is absolutely true. According to the Journal World, in two years, nearly 30% of the 2007 KU freshman class had left school. That's nearly identical to the four-year graduation rate, except in half the time.
Scott A. Winer / Writer, Little Scottie

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