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Little Scottie #100 / Shmuel Katan (4/26/10)

A rabbi gives a lesson on stereotypes at an Apple store
A rabbi gives a lesson on stereotypes at an Apple store
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Mon, Apr 26, 2010 - UDK, Page 8A
This is #100, but that's actually a sort of relative number. We count the 24 editions of "The Adventures of Little Scottie" along with the 76 "Little Scottie" strips we've done to date. We also did 13 of "The Uncensored Adventures of Little Scottie" and six yet-to-be-released color versions of "Little Scottie" that will be appearing in the KU yearbook due out in early May. So, in reality, we've done more than 100, but it's a humbling milestone nonetheless.

Today's comic is loosely based on the recent news that Israel ended its week-and-a-half long ban on iPad imports. The iPad won't actually available internationally until next month, but people have tried to bring their new gadgets back from the states.

It turns out that the FCC actually permits iPads to run with more oomph than their European and Israeli counterparts. Who knew? Israeli officials believed the stronger wireless signals could disrupt other wireless devices. After further review, they determined the device to be compliant but not before customs seized at least 10 iPads from inbound air travelers.

So, Little Scottie visits what we imagined as an Apple store in Israel. It required a bit more research than most of our comics, but I'm a stickler for details. The Hebrew in the window reads "tappuach," which naturally means apple. "Shmuel" is my Hebrew name. Add the word for little ("katan") and you essentially have Little Scottie. Lastly, iPads sell for as much as $699 in the U.S., which is a little more than 2600 shekels or shekalim in Israel.
Scott A. Winer / Writer, Little Scottie

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