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Little Scottie #103 / Questioning Practices (5/3/10)

A campus manhunt shows local police are more gullible than ever.
A campus manhunt shows local police are more gullible than ever.
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Mon, May 03, 2010 - UDK, Page 8A
I originally was determined not to give any more attention to last Friday's report of a potentially armed person in KU's largest dorm. That is, until it took a wildly different turn, ultimately leaving KU and Lawrence police looking foolish.

An initial report from a student claiming to have overheard a dispute between a male and female in the room next door in which the male demanded, "Where's my gun?" resulted in a three-hour search of McCollum Hall and the campus going to "high alert" status.

During the search, a KU spokesperson released a description of the suspect and said that they believed he had left the building. The only problem was that not only had he not left the building, but he had also helped provide the description. They both did.

Police totally bought the couple's fabrications, including that they were not a couple, although a local newspaper photographer later captured them walking hand-in-hand away from the scene. It wasn't until Saturday that police confirmed media reports that the couple had lied while being interviewed.

A KU report said the suspect "told police he was visiting a friend on the same floor, claimed to police he had intervened to protect the woman and that the armed assailant had fled down the stairs. He too gave a false description and lied to police about his own name, police said."

The most troubling part of this is that he lied about his own name. When you're searching for someone, isn't asking for I.D. the first thing you do?! And if a person can't provide I.D., shouldn't that raise a red flag?

The suspect, who previously had other outstanding arrest warrants, has since turned himself in to police, but not before having ample time to get his story straight and dispose of any gun, assuming there was one. A criminal trespass charge hardly does justice to the colossal embarrassment these kids have caused for law enforcement.
Scott A. Winer / Writer, Little Scottie

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