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Little Scottie #105 / College Diversity (5/17/10)

Little Scottie discovers that diversity at KU has no bounds.
Little Scottie discovers that diversity at KU has no bounds.
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Mon, May 17, 2010
The inevitable reaction has arrived. A law student (presumably at KU), tweeted the following: "Comparing minorities to livestock = unfunny."

I respect and appreciate feedback even if it's telling me that I wasn't funny. So, let's clear up any confusion. I was keenly aware of the potential interpretations of this particular comic and, therefore, took great care to ensure the writing and illustration did not distract any reader from the innocuous goal of the strip.

There is no comparison of any minority to livestock, explicit or implicit. It simply uses a literal and ridiculous concept of diversity, which in this case is a variety of animals--humans and otherwise. Frankly, we didn't even toe the line with the issue.

She's holding up a portrait of a goat, drawn by a goat, and she says it was drawn by "a kid" in her class. I don't think it gets much more literal than that. If anything, I think it does more to perpetuate stereotypes about the State of Kansas than anything else. But even that's a stretch.

This is the first of our six comics that we did for the 2010 Jayhawker magazine, the UDK's end-of-year publication effectively replacing a traditional yearbook. We did one comic for each of six sections: academics, arts, athletics, campus life, music, science and technology. This one was for the arts section.
Scott A. Winer / Writer, Little Scottie

This is totally racist. Not Funny.
Todd Pickrell / Illustrator, Little Scottie

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