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Little Scottie #111 / Ticket Debacle (5/31/10)

Little Scottie falls victim to the KU ticketing system.
Little Scottie falls victim to the KU ticketing system.
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Mon, May 31, 2010
I was also a victim of the KU Parking Department this summer. Last summer, during the interim before classes started, I parked on campus in faculty spaces without issue. Before I did the same this summer, I wanted to check the website to make sure it was still okay. I found no relevant information and decided to take my chances. The only open space I could find was in a desolate lot with both faculty and student spaces. When I came back to my car in the evening I was happy to find that I had not been ticketed and assumed policies must not have changed. The next day, however, I found that this was not the case.

After parking in the same nearly empty lot I came back to find a hot pink envelope tucked under the wiper blade of my car. That day I gained a much deeper appreciation for Hester Prynne's plight. The slip inside was a fine for $20 that informed me that I should BUY A PARKING PERMIT. And look! The website now states that parking will be enforced except in student lots. Thanks for the heads-up.
Todd Pickrell / Illustrator, Little Scottie

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